I will Surrender to God, not to Subjects

I am facing my dreadful subject – Math. I am so weak at it that I really find it super hard to survive passing it. Yeah – maybe I could pass – but only barely.

I got no passing grade for the quizzes this Midterm period in this subject, and in next week we will have our Midterm Exams – which is a lot harder.

That is one of the reasons why I feel so tired and weak last Christmas – I felt like surrendering and giving up. I am en emotional being – easy to be encouraged, but also easy to be discouraged.

But after God has put in me the heart of worshipping Him in a much truer sense – I have now this conviction: I will surrender to God, and not to subjects, especially in Math. I would consider myself a success if I will regain my former glorious relationship with Him, even though I fail in this subject for the mean time. But I would consider myself a failure if I pass this subject but my former closeness to God would not be restored.

These past months, I was distracted and lost focused on God. That is my priority now – get back to God, and passing the class subjects are just secondary ones.


5 thoughts on “I will Surrender to God, not to Subjects

  1. I was never any good at math either, so don’t feel alone. I don’t know what it is like where you live, but when I was growing up, they taught more math in school than I have ever needed in my daily life. Go figure! (pun intended) 😉

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