Whenever I am with the Community of Believers

Whenever I feel safe and relax, I observe some things in myself and also in my surroundings or environment.

Within myself:

  1. I feel at peace. There is the presence of unsurpassable peace that flows out from my heart and mind amidst all problems and hardships.
  2. I feel so calm yet active. So calm that it’s like I am in deep meditation (not yoga but a state of the mind) and yet so active that I am able to comprehend everything. Let me clarify that I don’t practice meditation like yoga or the like.
  3. I feel so sensitive. I could feel the heart of someone else who is beside me.

With my surroundings or environment:

  1. The spirit of trust is evident. I feel the hearts of the people do trust me and vice versa, and we trust teach other
  2. The spirit of unity is strong. Strife and division are not present.
  3. The spirit and bond of love is so powerful. You just can’t find words to describe it, you just feel it.

When do I feel these things within myself and with my surroundings?

I usually feel like this whenever I am with my friends, prayer partners, and the Church, or the community of Jesus Lovers. They are my spiritual family, and they are the best people whom I share my life, next to Jesus.

John 13:34-35 (KJV) A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.
By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

Training Up the Children

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Teaching at the Sunday School for children is my first ministry, beginning from 2005. And until now, I still find myself having the joy of training up the children for Christ.

Right now, I teach at the Sunday School at JIL San Teodoro. And as always, I am tempted to teach academically: dictating the lecture notes, giving quizzes, oral recitations, Scripture memorization, and assignments. Well, these things aren’t bad after all, for I desire also the Sunday School to be a training ground for their studies at school. I simply would like them to be acquainted and trained for future academic life in school.

However, I thank God that I am not missing the real virtue of the Sunday School, and that is to help them grow more in the image of Christ, and that is the very essence of discipleship. By simple ways, I am trying to teach the children how to really pray, and we do it ‘hands-on’. I also ask them to pray for a friend to come to know Christ as a regular assignment. And during our sessions, I also ask them questions that relate to their everyday life and try to give them instructions on how to be a better person.

In my mind and heart, I always ask myself, ‘Is what I am doing really enough to help them grow in Christ?’ which is easily followed by a prayer, ‘Lord, bless our sessions and make them instruments so they may know You more.’