The Power of Joy

Without joy it is impossible
To endure life
Who would dare take life
With all of its pains and toils
Without the smile of the heart

With joy comes strength
To withstand life’s pressures
To take the unimaginable
To pursue the unreachable
To attain the impossible

Joy taken away dries the bones
And brings the soul to sickness
Makes all efforts futile and useless
Dreams are taken away
Aspirations burned into ashes

Give me joy, oh world
Replenish my strength
I desire for new power
I want a new level of strength

But with the test of time
I have come to realise
There is no real joy in the world
The world could only give happiness
But no real joy

Only from above joy is possible
For He is the giver of life
And the only one who sustains it
I will drink His fountain again
Replenish the joy in my heart
And be powerful again


2 thoughts on “The Power of Joy

    1. Thanks Brother. In heaven, both our joys would be BEYOND MEASURE. I don’t know exactly if in heaven we will remember earthly things like blogging, but if we do in the next life, then I will see you!

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