18 OCTOBER 2016, 05:52 PM

Please don’t mind the wrong spelling in the picture. I purchased the notebook as a small reward for the Bible Study that we just started two weeks ago. I thought of it as a little encouragement to anyone who attends the said small group who will show earnestness for knowing the Bible.

The notebook could be thought of as a small, cheap thing. Indeed. But if wrapped in love and concern, it could certainly touch the heart.

Why touch the heart? As the teacher and facilitator of the Bible Study, I act also as its pastor. And as a pastor, I should imitate the Chief Shepherd, the Lord God. Going back to the popular Shepherd Psalm, the twenty-third chapter of the Book of Psalms, we could all see the love and care of the One True Shepherd of our souls.

The first verse of the Psalm tells us that God gives the overall love and blessedness that we need to the point that we are truly satisfied. The second verse expands from the first one, giving us spiritual nourishment and peace that we experience in His presence. Then the third verse tells us of His guidance. The following fourth verse tells us of His protection, which includes His discipline as a part of it. The fifth verse tells us that enemies will not win over us, and the last verse that this such goodness will be done for us all the days of our lives.

As the pastor of the Bible Study, I should then make sure that I give them the similar care and love – of course I admit I am not capable of giving the same as the Lord gives, but I could start by showing them that I am sincere. Moreover, maybe the best that I could do is to help them realize such goodness from God Himself – by drawing them near to God.

Of course I know that times will come that I will give admonition and rebuke, but still I must not forget that above all things the Fatherly Love of God should be utmost. May God help me then to demonstrate such love.

Even by using this small notebook.


The Perfect Ministry

I have always thought of being perfect in service, though the idea of course calls for the impossible. Pleasing God with the highest of all standards as laid out in the Bible determined by the immeasurable love and the unstainable holiness of God is more than overwhelming.

But that has been my dream – in the past. I am older now, and I have realised so much that the perfect ministry is far from reality, even further away from my grasp.

They say that your family is your ministry. They put it this way, putting hierarchy on the priorities of a Christian life: God, family, ministry, and career/work. While others put it differently, putting God at the centre of everything, making the Christian lie as purely God-centric in all aspects. I prefer the latter model.

I am particularly weak in regards to my family: weak at ministering to them (like praying for them and sharing the Gospel to them), and weaker still in my relationship with them. However, attending our recent Regional Training Camp change this.

At the said camp on its last part was the Commissioning Service. We were filled with the Holy Spirit, and most spoke in tongues. I am open to such phenomenon, I am not primarily after the amazing outward things, but I am rather after the inward dealings of God. That being said, upon going home, I knew that God gave me a new heart.

That night of returning home, we held our first family Bible Study. It was followed the next day, one in the morning and another at night. It was so special for the world was celebrating the Holy Week. Taking advantage of the season, I shared to them the Good News of Jesus Christ and the Cross. I could see and sense very well that they were very open to the Gospel and the love of Christ.

Very good things followed. My relationship with them is being improved. One Sunday God also gave me the opportunity of sharing to my mother’s family the Gospel, with very good results. The next Sunday, all of us went together to worship.

These are all very great things, and I know, just the beginning.

My niece reading the Bible

Just Continue Hoping

If I were to ask you something that would reveal the weakness of your human heart, would you still dare to admit it?

This early afternoon we held again our Bible Study at the BSEd building. To be honest, my heart was not ready, and I have not prepared something to share. It is because I am experiencing spiritual flaws and I thought we would not have the Bible Study that afternoon because we were supposed to have our Science Elect class.

I shared about hoping in prayer – despite of the fact that as Christians we are suffering from spiritual lapses.

Could we still hope and pray boldly? Could we still ask for the most wonderful things even if we know in our hearts that we are not pleasing Him?

Yes, the Bible tells so. Psalm 50:15 tells of the heart of God that pleases to answer prayers. Of course sin is always an obstacle against our prayers, as Isaiah 59:2 says. But, crying out to God to get us out of sin that entangles us is something that God would surely answer – God would love to rescue us from sin.

We will continue to hope and ask desperately for God. We are weak. If we were strong, why should we put our hope in God?

The Delight of Teaching God’s Word

English: ESV Study Bible Hardcover Cover
ESV Study Bible – the Study Bible I often use when studying the Bible.

Teaching the Word of God is truly a delight. It is one of the few things in life that truly brings pleasure to my soul.

Teaching requires that we study the teaching material first. In the endeavor to teach the Bible, in any form, in preaching, Bible Study, evangelism, or others, studying it first gluttons my heart to high spiritualities. It is one of the wonders any Bible teacher experiences from time to time. It is in fact listening to God.

A true teacher of the Scriptures will do his or her best to live out what he or she is preparing to teach. This, again, fulfills the deepest longings of the soul. Any true obedient disciple of Christ knows that trying to live in the perfect will of God is one sure thing to live a meaningful, fulfilled life. It is the highest achievement any human can achieve.

Then comes the blessed task of teaching it. If we have tried our best to study and live the Message, then the act of teaching is really in a sense a completed task. It has its own duties, but once we have tried to study and live the Word, then we can be assured that God will bless also our work of teaching to others what we have experienced ourselves.