Starting a New Blog on End Times Bible Prophecy

It’s been a while since I write again on this blog. However, this will be a different one because I will just share what the Lord has been teaching me these past months during the lockdown.

The past months have been God’s time of teaching me interesting things about the End Times. Actually, maybe this will surprise you, but not only will our generation would witness the coming Tribulation and Jesus Christ’s Second Coming, but also that the Tribulation begins in 2021. So, Jesus returns in 2028.

This maybe surprising and I know many would disagree, so let me share you a link to my new blog so you may read its contents:

End Times Bible Prophecy Blog

I just started posting on that new blog today, so it still has very few contents. In the coming weeks, it will reflect most of my studies.

Thank you and God bless us all!

My Favorite Books of the Bible

Needless to say, the Bible is the most wonderful book I have ever read. I really like many books in the Bible for several reasons:

  1. Genesis: Tells tha start of everything, of the universe and creation, of sin and God’s Redemptive Plan. I love how God interacted with man, sometimes taking the form of man to talk with His most-loved creation. For many times, the stories of the Patriarchs made me cry. So dramatic and full of life! Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac and Joseph reconciling with his brothers are just a few samples.
  2. Deuteronomy: Basically Moses’ farewell speech. You can see here the heart of a man whom God so highly esteemed. And the tragic lesson on how even a devout man could miss God’s perfect plan.
  3. 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings: The stories of the Kings. How Israel rejected God (and Samuel), David’s rise and fall and redemption, Hezekiah’s dependence on God, etc. Here God’s intervention in the daily life of His chosen people were very evident.
  4. Psalms: I could relate well with the emotions and circumstances of the Psalmists.
  5. Nehemiah: The great man of vision, action and prayer. His life was endangered but wisdom saved him.
  6. Daniel: The highly-favored man of God. Gifted and prayerful.
  7. Joel: The great message of Repentance.
  8. Jonah: How a servant of God could be so stubborn, and how God could show mercy to His repentant enemies.
  9. Gospels: The living story of the Messiah. His perfect model for the Ministry, His humility and Authority, His humanity and divinity, His teachings and miracles, and His time with His disciples.
  10. Acts: The Early Church, the Standard of how the Church today should walk, think, and talk.
  11. The Epistles, Pauline and General: The writings of Jesus’s followers who witnessed Him and experienced to pour out their lives selflessly for Him.
  12. Revelation: Christ’s triumphant return, God’s victory, the wedding between Christ and His Church, Heaven the home of believers, and hell the torment of Satan and the unsaved.

This is just a partial list. Surely I have missed others like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ecclesiastes, and the others.

Nonetheless, the more you read the Bible the more you will love it from Start (Genesis) to finish (Revelation).

This Summer will be Better than Last Year’s

What will summer be like for me this time?
What will summer be like for me this time?

Last year’s summer was a frustrating one, and history will not repeat itself this time.

I was so eaten up by the internet, movies, and other non-living stuffs that last year of summer’s  opportunity and privilege to hear from God was robbed from me. It was a tragic mistake, and it choked my life for the next whole year thereafter. It led me to wrong decisions and missed chances of service. It also took away some nice relationships.

And it’s summer again in the Philippines. It is still hurting me to remember that frustration, and all the aches it caused me. This time should be different, and that is my resolve.

I remember at this moment a nice thought from Facedown, a worship book from Matt Redman. It says that if we would like to hear from God, then we must ‘free’ ourselves from this busy world. we should go up higher and higher to relieve ourselves from the gigantic noises of this world to hear the silent and soft whisper of God.

A big challenge for me. No movies, no TV, no texting, and as much as possible, no internet. Ouch! Yes, that would really touch the most sensitive parts of my life.

But I have to do that. REALLY. That is my only chance of hearing from God. It would buy me some valuable time to pray, fast, reflect, and meditate on His Word.

God help me.