There is a time for everything

There is a time for everything. Right now, you are maybe busy about a task, that you need to accomplish a little later. Or maybe you have just finished something, and you are beginning something new. Whatever it is that you are doing, there is something that you would like to finish and something that is yet to be done.

The same holds true to your life. No matter how old you are now, even if you realize it or not, you are in a middle of something; you are in a road or in a journey, and in that journey you are accomplishing something and there are some things else that you need to do afterwards. If you like to see it this way, life is a big journey consisting of many several journeys that are composed of interwoven and overlapping tasks – that is basically what life is.

These tasks, no matter how big or small, have the power to influence the progress your life is taking. Important undone tasks will surely result to some loops, cycles, and setbacks, hindering progress, while finishing tasks at their most appropriate times will certainly result to a progressive life. So two things become inevitably important: making sure of what is the most important task for the moment, and making sure you do it efficiently as soon as possible. If you can secure these two everyday, your life will surely be without a doubt be productive and successful.

So may I ask you, dear reader, what is your current task? And after doing that, what is your next one to accomplish? Would you mind if I tell you that some small tasks, no matter how small they seem, could give you a big progress not only in this life but also in the next life to come?

That seemingly small task that is actually quite big revolves around the wonderful man called Jesus of Nazareth. About two thousand years ago, He literally walked on the Earth to try to show us the true purpose of life, and that is a life that embraces God and His Son the Christ. The reliability and authenticity of His message could never be doubted or put to dust, for millions of people in all of human history had experienced a new dynamic level of fulfillment, joy, contentment, and power the moment they embraced this wonderful man called Jesus of Nazareth. This man called Jesus, whose historicity had been proven even by His most fierce skeptics, has gained the faith and trust of innumerable people.

And no wonder, for this Jesus was not only man but also God. Only a true living God could exert such a lasting, timeless, and omnipotent influence among its believers, beyond any measure of illusion and doubt. To embrace Him is truly to make a certain progress in this life, that will grant the lover of God the opportunity and power to forsake all that is negative in his/her life, and only experience those that are positive and new. Moreover, the lover of God has been granted the most fulfilling achievement of all – and that is joy in the next life to come.

There is a time for everything. A time to dream and a time to work; a time to rest and a time to eat; a time to think and a time to act; and a time to lay down and a time to rise up; a time to be less and a time to be more; a time to cry and a time to laugh; a time to reminisce and a time to aspire; and a time to ponder the most beneficial decision that you can have now.

Now is the time to take seriously the present condition of your life, and see the real status of the progress of your life. Are you really progressing or only got stuck in a never-ending loop or cycle? My own life is a testimony that nothing really great happens until I act to embrace Jesus. Only Jesus could move your life forward. Try to embrace Him today and see the eternal benefits of this seemingly small task.

Is it all about food?

18 OCTOBER 2016, 09:35 AM

My breakfast was served at Jollibee. As I was staring on these foods, I recalled that six percent of every purchase goes to the sole owner of the said company. I could not guarantee its truthfulness but it made me reflect on a few things.

1) Life is basically about survival. Most people choose man’s basic needs as the avenue for businesses. Like food, clothing, insurance, shelter, etc.

But for the Bible, true life means having it eternally with Jesus. Its benefits starts now (John 10:10b), but will be much more enjoyed eternally with Jesus (John 17:24).

2.) Life is all about getting a job. As I was observing the employees at Jollibee, I could sense that they were determined to do well and then find a better job in the near future. We all know this. We had been instructed in our early childhood to study hard and finish college and find a good job. It seems that life is all about that.

As I read my Bible, I could see that in God’s perspective, life is about getting Jesus. Jesus is the greatest treasure. And nothing comes close. What does it benefit for a man to have all the riches of the world and lose his own soul? (Matthew 6:26) But if we have Jesus, we have secured for ourselves the riches of heaven, even God Himself, with all of the trials and tribulations that it costs in this temporal life.

3.) Life is about wants. Why eat in a restaurant where it could only satisfy your appetite and not your hunger? That is the trend of today, get more for your wants, not for your needs.

Paul the apostle and the other early Christians learned to live simply for the Gospel. He learned the gift of contentment. He knew that he could endure everything with this gift. (Philippians 4:13)

“Lord, let our hearts be satisfied in You only. May You be only or first joy and priority.”

*Note: This post has nothing against Jollibee or its employees. I was just reflecting on the things that occupy the heart and mind of man today in direct comparison with what should be prioritized according to the Bible.

Just another Day

Monday, January 20, 2014. Another day is just almost as good as done. Yet, is it really ‘good as done’?

Earlier this afternoon it just bumped on me again that time really goes by fast – and I mean super-fast. I do not mean that all those 1440 minutes in a day is really short – it just really is surprising that the moments you are treasuring right now are just mere fragments of thoughts and memories in the near future. I know you get exactly what I mean. Just right now every second is alive and fresh – but a little later there will be a feeling of longing for those moments, knowing that they are already part of history. Yes, history.

Reflecting on this, a good advice from some good old friends became fresh: I have to make every second count. I have to do everything as if they were the last things that I could do. I have to spend this day as if it is the last day. With this kind of thinking and attitude, much of future regrets could be avoided, and every memory would be a lot meaningful. Most of all, we could make the most out of this short life – maybe ninety years at most.

Furthermore, this attitude calls for accountability. Besides, all of life is meant for humble submission and love to the Creator. The kind of life that we would have in the next life is determined by our actions now – may it be that the next life would be filled of wonderful memories of this life.

I am a blogger

I love to write – but usually not on a paper!

I am a blogger
I cannot help myself but to write
To express my ideas
To dwell in my emotions
And to influence others

Writing is my passion
Especially if many would see
The writings that I regularly pen
That tell of great things about me

Well it is not about me really
But the work of His great grace
Dominating my life in pieces
Wanting to reconstruct me again

In my blog you would see
A lot of my weaknesses
Sins and failures alike
Do not be discouraged, let be me

A weak and destroyed being
Broken and shattered
Yet still being renewed
By His hands towards greatness

Not really my greatness though
But His in my life
It is His way of investing
For the Glory of His fame

My weakness, a way for His strength
My folly, for His wisdom
My stubbornness, for His discipline
The weak me – for His Glory

God works in paradox
In great contrasts
Why would He want to use me
That is because I am weak

Yes, visit my site often
And there see my recent posts
Reflect upon the truth
That in my weaknesses
The work of God is evident

I am not an ideal person
Very far from being perfect
My blog tells me so
Just read and see me through

I will not be hypocritical
Telling wonderful things
If there is any admirable beauty
It is because it is never me

Good things that you can find
There in my blog
Point only to His majesty
The Author of eternity

Sixty years, or maybe seventy
Are nothing but short spans of time
What is good is that
Meaning is always beyond that

In the next life
Maybe I will understand
That goodness is not shortsighted
But stretches through infinity

There maybe I will remember
What I have written here
Ugly things I call them
Nonetheless are wonderful
Fragments of truth
That speak of His Majesty
From my blog, from a blogger

Solving the Equations of my Life

Algebra Equation
Math equations make the wirings of my brain go nuts.

I fear mathematical equations: my mind maybe is not naturally wired for numbers. More numbers, especially with added letters and lines, make my life a lot more complex. The sad thing is that these days, these equations have turned out not to be found only in Math  exercises, I see equations wanting to be solved in every area of my life.

Facing math problems is really a taunting task. Now that I am in college again, I really find it hard to cope with the pressure of mathematical logic – numbers and lines seem to jump off the paper and flew past my head. Having studied math in a classroom more than a decade ago, then facing it again is an issue.

And so it is with my life. I see myself very slow in adapting to real-life problems. What could be the matter? Why is it that whenever I have not learned to mature in an area where God wanted me to overcome, that same equation would keep on facing me and I could not just escape it.

Our first quiz in Math just a week ago was a classic. After finishing the class in Speech, I hurriedly ran toward the second floor to take the Math exam. surprisingly, the class was already half a paper doing their solving. I was terribly shocked! So I answered as fast as I could, and with my fingers shaking  in the first five minutes. Blessedly, there was only one problem to which I quit trying to solve.

Like Math, I have to mature in my present problems so that I may endure the future ones. I have to do my best now or the best of the future might never come. More importantly, I knew in my heart that the God who helped me pass that dreaded Math exam is the same God who will help me be an overcomer in  the daily equations of my life.