Survival of the Fittest

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Survival of the Fittest taught by Charles Darwin. Some animal behavior could also be seen in competing humans.

The popular core belief of Darwinian Theory of Evolution: survival of the fittest. In the academic life of college students, the theory applies well.

College students enrolled in high-courses feel this trend of belief. As I see it, ‘Survival of the Fittest’ means basically two things: surviving the academic quota imposed by their department for staying in the course, and, the said system has a strong inevitable tendency to push the students for a competition.

The first truth is a well-said fact, no need for further elaborations. But the second one – really calls for some needed explanation, exploration, and observation. Competition itself is not bad – and I call that healthy competition. But competition to the expense of wilful sacrificing the good of others – isn’t good – in fact it slowly destroys the basic philosophy of education, which is learning, or change for the better. If students in some ways behave like animals in the Darwinian concept of striving to be fit for survival, then the cause for education is already defeated.

Unhealthy competition naturally comes from pride – almost always. Slowly too, it has the power to destroy relationships, and build walls among individuals, though these same people call each other as ‘friends’.

This article could not be finished now, and purposely I will not. A term paper could be written on this topic.


Psychology and Charles Darwin

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Charles Darwin, the main proponent of the Theory of Evolution, which was never proven true in the history of Science.

Psychology. A subject that has so many principles and beliefs and claims and theories that are unbiblical and contrary to the teachings of Christ and the Apostles.

Well, this morning, in our first General Psychology class for the semester, our competent teacher asked us about a particular person that has popularised the word “adaptation.” I literally answered, “Sir maybe one of them was Charles Darwin, by his natural selection theory.”

The professor gave a big Yes. However, at his second question, which deals more about natural selection and how adaptation relates to it, I didn’t answer and let someone else do. I was  hesitant, and at the same time avoiding the spirit of competition grow in my heart. I was  hesitant  because in my heart if I continue to tell ‘theories’ regarding evolution, then maybe subtly I am becoming Darwin’s proponent by allowing others to wonder at his great unproven hoax.

This is real life. I am a Christian living in an unbelieving world which blindly supports theories that are in direct opposition with biblical truths. These fallacies are required to be tackled and ‘believed’ in the classroom. Evolution and Psychology, I am not a big fan of them. Though yes, some of psychology isn’t harmful to the Christian faith and maybe even submit to it, but generally, it is still a man-made philosophy. I would rather go with the idea of  Intelligent  Design, which supports the Law of Creation as found in the first chapters of Genesis in the Bible.

May God empower me, give me strength and wisdom that I may not compromise my faith – at all cost.