This Wonderful Gift

I praise God for creating the universe
And everything that is in it
I praise God for the meet-up of my parents
And for their marriage

I praise God that through my parents
He raised me
I praise God that He let me see
The wonders of this world

I praise God that He made me weak
So in Him I find strength
I praise God that I am not wise
So He is my wisdom

I praise God that despite my shortcomings
He allowed me to pass this LET Board Exam
I praise God for it is His work
The Glory belongs to Him

God gave me the heart and the mind.

College studies have been so hard for me this semester. Especially because I do not have the desires and abilities anymore.

However, due to prayers from other people, I have received some of the Lord’s miracles. My prayer was to have real joy in studying. Yes, He gave it. And as a bonus, I was among those who top the exams.

Thank You, Lord!