Evading Thoughts

English: Manny Pacquiao, right before the Erik...
I would like to fight my problems like Manny overcomes his boxing battles.

All thoughts come from the mind, but not everything can be evaded. Especially those that also come from the heart.

Perplexities. Hurts. Pains. Those were the things that triggered my mind to imagine a white, fluffy, cute puppy. How could I say so?

They say that the most smiling and happy people are those that have also the most problems. Only a proverb, but proves true to me. Smiling is either an expression of a positive feeling, or a cover-up for an inner loneliness. The latter is my case. That is why this week I am much more of a joker to my classmates, and i know they have already noticed it.

Insurmountable opponents. Numerous challenges. Tough issues. Those realities still confront me, leading me to imagine myself fighting against Pacman in a boxing match.

Who would dare say that a young man like me could overthrow Manny Pacquiao in a boxing match? Not even a hallucinating drug addict would do so. Very same in my real personal life. I’ve got many difficult problems to handle. Much of them I think are beyond my ability to overcome. At least in my own efforts. Nothing could be impossible with God.

That is, as long as i seek Him and His help.


This Summer will be Better than Last Year’s

What will summer be like for me this time?
What will summer be like for me this time?

Last year’s summer was a frustrating one, and history will not repeat itself this time.

I was so eaten up by the internet, movies, and other non-living stuffs that last year of summer’s  opportunity and privilege to hear from God was robbed from me. It was a tragic mistake, and it choked my life for the next whole year thereafter. It led me to wrong decisions and missed chances of service. It also took away some nice relationships.

And it’s summer again in the Philippines. It is still hurting me to remember that frustration, and all the aches it caused me. This time should be different, and that is my resolve.

I remember at this moment a nice thought from Facedown, a worship book from Matt Redman. It says that if we would like to hear from God, then we must ‘free’ ourselves from this busy world. we should go up higher and higher to relieve ourselves from the gigantic noises of this world to hear the silent and soft whisper of God.

A big challenge for me. No movies, no TV, no texting, and as much as possible, no internet. Ouch! Yes, that would really touch the most sensitive parts of my life.

But I have to do that. REALLY. That is my only chance of hearing from God. It would buy me some valuable time to pray, fast, reflect, and meditate on His Word.

God help me.