Two Hundred

That was the amount of money that a girl pointed to me yesterday at the library. She told me that I ‘dropped’ my money, it was just beneath the very chair that I was sitting at. That money tested my heart.

I said my thanks and grabbed the money and put it on my wallet. I really believed that it was mine while I was reaching out for it. As I was unfolding the money and folding it again before putting it into my wallet, I just thought that it couldn’t be mine. The real amount of money that I had at that time would be less than Php. 50. I tried to reason out that maybe I had some extra on my pocket that was not washed away when I did wash my clothes. But no, it could be virtually impossible, for I know where I put in my blessings.

Thoughts were running in my mind. Thoughts of using the money for personal purposes, or maybe for other noble ones like buying some things for the church. But I knew they were wrong, I only had two valid options: look for the person who lost the money and/or surrender it to the assistant librarian.

I asked Carla who was sitting beside me if she had Php. 200, she said she had none. I also asked all the students at the other table and they all said they had no money by that amount. A lady from that table told me that boys from the criminology department were the ones who were formerly using our table before we came in.

In the late afternoon, after the classes, I talked to the assistant librarian about it. I surrendered to her the money. I knew that it is only by God’s Grace that the money could be returned to its owner. Satan had no way of accusing me of anything. All praises to God.