Training Up the Children

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Teaching at the Sunday School for children is my first ministry, beginning from 2005. And until now, I still find myself having the joy of training up the children for Christ.

Right now, I teach at the Sunday School at JIL San Teodoro. And as always, I am tempted to teach academically: dictating the lecture notes, giving quizzes, oral recitations, Scripture memorization, and assignments. Well, these things aren’t bad after all, for I desire also the Sunday School to be a training ground for their studies at school. I simply would like them to be acquainted and trained for future academic life in school.

However, I thank God that I am not missing the real virtue of the Sunday School, and that is to help them grow more in the image of Christ, and that is the very essence of discipleship. By simple ways, I am trying to teach the children how to really pray, and we do it ‘hands-on’. I also ask them to pray for a friend to come to know Christ as a regular assignment. And during our sessions, I also ask them questions that relate to their everyday life and try to give them instructions on how to be a better person.

In my mind and heart, I always ask myself, ‘Is what I am doing really enough to help them grow in Christ?’ which is easily followed by a prayer, ‘Lord, bless our sessions and make them instruments so they may know You more.’

Remembering the Sea

God brought me to a poor community of fishermen so I could minister to them for more than a year. The truth is, they were the ones who have ministered to me.

Living in a comfortable city life, leaving the comfort to live as a poor was truly heart-breaking at first, yet in the long run it made me find a true purpose in life. The poor people thought me contentment, simplicity, and happiness in its purest form. They have taught me also to treasure relationships in a deeper way.

More to that, they taught me the hard lesson of giving up. Yes, the giving up of important people and relationships in life for the sake of obedience to God, and they taught that lesson to me two times. The first one was when I left my home so I could be with them. The second one, which is more hurting, was when I left these poor people so I could return to my home and be with my family.

Yes, very ironic, and I truly cannot understand God’s ways. As I have glimpses of their memories, my heart still breaks.

Greetings fellow travelers!

Life isn’t easy. Especially the Christian life. It is always flavoured with pain, frustration, brokenness, and tears.

And that is exactly what makes it worth living. The more challenges we endure and overcome, the more we come to know our Jesus who is always there for us. And along the way we are blessed with new people, new relationships, and new opportunities for further growth, improvement and blessedness.

This blog exists so we can share honestly our pilgrimage as Christians in this broken world, looking ahead for the blessed eternity we’ll soon have with our Creator.

Here we can share our common pains, sufferings, triumphs, and even strengthen each other as we nourish our faith by  sharing of ideas and doctrinal views. This blog covers everything: our most joyful and our worst moments in life: as Christians.

For we believe that no experience is wasted, that ‘all things work together for good to them that love Christ, to them who are called according to His purpose.’ (Rom. 8: 28)

Honest Talk about Personal Christian Pilgrimage