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This Wonderful Gift

I praise God for creating the universe
And everything that is in it
I praise God for the meet-up of my parents
And for their marriage

I praise God that through my parents
He raised me
I praise God that He let me see
The wonders of this world

I praise God that He made me weak
So in Him I find strength
I praise God that I am not wise
So He is my wisdom

I praise God that despite my shortcomings
He allowed me to pass this LET Board Exam
I praise God for it is His work
The Glory belongs to Him

Is it all about food?

18 OCTOBER 2016, 09:35 AM

My breakfast was served at Jollibee. As I was staring on these foods, I recalled that six percent of every purchase goes to the sole owner of the said company. I could not guarantee its truthfulness but it made me reflect on a few things.

1) Life is basically about survival. Most people choose man’s basic needs as the avenue for businesses. Like food, clothing, insurance, shelter, etc.

But for the Bible, true life means having it eternally with Jesus. Its benefits starts now (John 10:10b), but will be much more enjoyed eternally with Jesus (John 17:24).

2.) Life is all about getting a job. As I was observing the employees at Jollibee, I could sense that they were determined to do well and then find a better job in the near future. We all know this. We had been instructed in our early childhood to study hard and finish college and find a good job. It seems that life is all about that.

As I read my Bible, I could see that in God’s perspective, life is about getting Jesus. Jesus is the greatest treasure. And nothing comes close. What does it benefit for a man to have all the riches of the world and lose his own soul? (Matthew 6:26) But if we have Jesus, we have secured for ourselves the riches of heaven, even God Himself, with all of the trials and tribulations that it costs in this temporal life.

3.) Life is about wants. Why eat in a restaurant where it could only satisfy your appetite and not your hunger? That is the trend of today, get more for your wants, not for your needs.

Paul the apostle and the other early Christians learned to live simply for the Gospel. He learned the gift of contentment. He knew that he could endure everything with this gift. (Philippians 4:13)

“Lord, let our hearts be satisfied in You only. May You be only or first joy and priority.”

*Note: This post has nothing against Jollibee or its employees. I was just reflecting on the things that occupy the heart and mind of man today in direct comparison with what should be prioritized according to the Bible.

The Lord and the Exam

I and my classmates had nothing to show to pass this year’s Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (LEPT). Almost all of them are practicing teachers and could barely find an extra time to review.

However, God once again showed us His overflowing mercy by having us a kind of tests that do not call for deep memorization. If we do understand very basic concepts and could apply them on daily testing life, then we would certainly pass the long-awaited exam.

There were many hindrances. My palms easily perspired during the second subject that my answer sheet were nearly spoiled. Not to mention the harder obstacles – the spiritual dryness that I had for the past two weeks.

Yet God is good. During the course of the day, we couldn’t help but realise that God helped us to be Professional Teachers.

My Family will Serve the Lord

​Joshua 24:15 (KJV)  but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

I say it with Joshua, my family will save the LORD.

After the miraculous healing of Tito Ronnie, who could now walk with minimal support, God has continuously work His way to my family. Last Saturday, I was with my parents ministering with some different people who are also my relatives.

I praise God for His wonderful love and salvation.

Discouragement Always Comes and Emotions Come to Play

In the Christian life there will always be discouragement, even at the peak of success. If we will be emotional, it could really bring us down.

When I was young, I have read from some Christian pamphlets that to stay on the faith, we have to set aside our emotions and let faith alone be our guide. At some point though I tend to disagree. I have always believed that a genuine Christian has a heart that is continuously being renewed by God by His Holy Spirit. The Christian heart that is filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit will always be dominated by holy affections. Quoting from Jonathan Edwards from his book Treatise Concerning the Religious Affections,

“true religion consists in a great measure in vigorous and lively actings and the inclination and will of the soul, or the fervent exercises of the heart.”

Truly then, a heart could be a gauge to measure our closeness with the Spirit of God. The more our heart is filled with holy affections, the the closer we are with His Spirit. But discouragements come, and failures always strike us. Depression and some other feelings could powerfully impact our feelings. More often than not, our heart feels weak and discouraged.

When dryness comes, there could be two responses. One is further wandering away from God, the other is using that dryness as a great incentive and motivating force to draw closer to the Eternal Fountain.

Yes, faith is almost foremost, and not the feelings. But we must not neglect that genuine faith always includes holy feelings. Glad or sad, joyful or in anger, in praise or discouragement, let us use our emotions to be strong in the Christian faith.


Your Love is Amazing

My first song for our Creative Writing class. I don’t have a tune/melody for it yet! Can anyone help? Thanks.

Your Love is Amazing

Fill my cup with Your Grace
Run it over to the brim
I want to taste it
And experience Your Grace

Your love is amazing
Invigorating and healing
Oh You are so faithful
Promises so unwavering
You keep on embracing me

A dose of Your Forgiveness
That’s what I need everyday
Cleanse me all over
Let me be whole again

Strengthen me each day
Empower me to do things
I will do Your will
To glorify Your Name

For Your love is amazing
Fills my cup to the brim
Promises healing and embracing
Forgiveness making me whole again

Oh Your love is enough
It is more than enough

Two Hundred

That was the amount of money that a girl pointed to me yesterday at the library. She told me that I ‘dropped’ my money, it was just beneath the very chair that I was sitting at. That money tested my heart.

I said my thanks and grabbed the money and put it on my wallet. I really believed that it was mine while I was reaching out for it. As I was unfolding the money and folding it again before putting it into my wallet, I just thought that it couldn’t be mine. The real amount of money that I had at that time would be less than Php. 50. I tried to reason out that maybe I had some extra on my pocket that was not washed away when I did wash my clothes. But no, it could be virtually impossible, for I know where I put in my blessings.

Thoughts were running in my mind. Thoughts of using the money for personal purposes, or maybe for other noble ones like buying some things for the church. But I knew they were wrong, I only had two valid options: look for the person who lost the money and/or surrender it to the assistant librarian.

I asked Carla who was sitting beside me if she had Php. 200, she said she had none. I also asked all the students at the other table and they all said they had no money by that amount. A lady from that table told me that boys from the criminology department were the ones who were formerly using our table before we came in.

In the late afternoon, after the classes, I talked to the assistant librarian about it. I surrendered to her the money. I knew that it is only by God’s Grace that the money could be returned to its owner. Satan had no way of accusing me of anything. All praises to God.