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Selfless Love

Matthew 16:24 (KJV)  Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

That was the Scripture God gave me when I had a motorcycle accident in 2015, teaching me to offer my life for His service. A year later, God reminded me of the same thing – if I wanted to show love to God and to others, it must be selfless.

I had the motorcycle accident when we were traveling for our Bible Study in Naujan. I suffered a large cut on my head and the people said it was by God’s miracle that I did not suffer internal head injuries. That time, God was testing me if I would still serve Him despite what happened – it was the test of willingness to offer to God my physical life. After a year, I was not the patient anymore – it was my father. He suffered from a pulmonary disease and a mild heart attack. And still, God was teaching me to serve Him by loving others selflessly.

How did God teach me to love selflessly so I could serve Him with a fresh start?

Firstly, God taught me to deny my comfort for the comfort of others. My father suffered from a mild heart attack because of strenuous physical labors. Partly I was blaming myself because I should be the one doing those heavy labors – I knew the doctors warned my father against heavy tasks after he suffered his first heart attack in 2007.  Worse, in the hospital, God revealed my selfish heart – it was so self-centered – I hated the discomforts of staying in the hospital. I was not thinking of the discomforts of my father who was in the ICU, I was only sympathizing with my own hard feelings. I felt ashamed. How could I be that selfish!

As days went by, God was pushing me more to realize my selfishness. As I was seeing the patients and their families, my heart was aching to see them broken and hopeless. I always wanted to comfort them with the love of Jesus from the Bible – but one thing was hindering me – too much thinking of the self! I argued in my mind that I needed more sleep, that I needed more time for myself, and some other reasons. There was a clear battle between thinking of myself against my desire to serve others. I saw clearly that prioritizing my wants hindered me from loving and serving others.

Secondly, God taught me to be sensitive for the needs of others. I found it true that as you deny your own comforts to give comfort to others, you will naturally be sensitive to their needs. The hospital was full of patients and people from all walks of life – from the rural and urban places, the rich and the poor, the believers and the unbelievers – but they all shared a common trait – they were all in need.

Being sensitive to the needs of others did not call for a reactive thinking, but for a proactive one. The former was telling me to respond to the emerging needs I saw in them; the latter was instructing me to think what I could possibly do before things might actually happen. Being proactive in thinking trained me to adjust my whole life and time management. I had to wake up earlier to pray for strength and guidance. Then I would talk to some people and pray for them. I also had to think always of different ways to give strength and comfort to my father and to the others – some ways work for certain people, but not to the others. I was the one adjusting for them and not the other way around.

Lastly, God taught me to exalt Him and not the self. This was the lesson I found to be the hardest to learn. As I was ministering in the Emergency Room, the different Medical ICU Rooms, and the semi-private wards – doctors, nurses, and people began to notice me as a religious and spiritual person. Soon, I earned their respect. With their high respect and regard, I felt that my ego was being fed! The natural self-centered I was coming to life! Grant me Lord the Grace to exalt You and not the self (Psalm 115: 1)!

The test of character was even stronger when I gained friendships with the opposite sex who were attractive. Soon, I felt that I had to make my physical appearance and gestures better to maintain and develop those friendships. I really saw myself taking decisive actions to draw people to myself and not to God – but of course with the ministry as the outside covering. But God was gracious in convicting me of my sin of self-glorification, and soon I was praying for a new heart with the right motives (Psalm 51: 10). After that prayer, every time I would go out to minister to the people, I would pray first for true humility and selflessness.

During my ten days of staying in the hospital, did I really learn those three truths of selfless love? To a small degree, maybe – but I know that learning is a lifetime process. I know that in the future, in everyday life, I will find myself again being entangled so much in the self that will hinder me in loving Jesus and serving others. But my prayer is that God will always give me the Grace to fight this sin of self-indulgence, and be a more selfless person.

Whether it is the offering of life like in the motorcycle accident that I had or the denying of personal comforts and glory like in my ten days of staying in the hospital, they both call for a selfless love as my service to Jesus. For Jesus Himself, the great God (Hebrews 1: 8; John 1: 1), also denied Himself greatly of heavenly glories and humbled Himself as the Father’s Servant (Philippians 2: 6-7; Isaiah 53).


Soli Deo Gloria! To God alone be all the Glory!

This Wonderful Gift

I praise God for creating the universe
And everything that is in it
I praise God for the meet-up of my parents
And for their marriage

I praise God that through my parents
He raised me
I praise God that He let me see
The wonders of this world

I praise God that He made me weak
So in Him I find strength
I praise God that I am not wise
So He is my wisdom

I praise God that despite my shortcomings
He allowed me to pass this LET Board Exam
I praise God for it is His work
The Glory belongs to Him

Is it all about food?

18 OCTOBER 2016, 09:35 AM

My breakfast was served at Jollibee. As I was staring on these foods, I recalled that six percent of every purchase goes to the sole owner of the said company. I could not guarantee its truthfulness but it made me reflect on a few things.

1) Life is basically about survival. Most people choose man’s basic needs as the avenue for businesses. Like food, clothing, insurance, shelter, etc.

But for the Bible, true life means having it eternally with Jesus. Its benefits starts now (John 10:10b), but will be much more enjoyed eternally with Jesus (John 17:24).

2.) Life is all about getting a job. As I was observing the employees at Jollibee, I could sense that they were determined to do well and then find a better job in the near future. We all know this. We had been instructed in our early childhood to study hard and finish college and find a good job. It seems that life is all about that.

As I read my Bible, I could see that in God’s perspective, life is about getting Jesus. Jesus is the greatest treasure. And nothing comes close. What does it benefit for a man to have all the riches of the world and lose his own soul? (Matthew 6:26) But if we have Jesus, we have secured for ourselves the riches of heaven, even God Himself, with all of the trials and tribulations that it costs in this temporal life.

3.) Life is about wants. Why eat in a restaurant where it could only satisfy your appetite and not your hunger? That is the trend of today, get more for your wants, not for your needs.

Paul the apostle and the other early Christians learned to live simply for the Gospel. He learned the gift of contentment. He knew that he could endure everything with this gift. (Philippians 4:13)

“Lord, let our hearts be satisfied in You only. May You be only or first joy and priority.”

*Note: This post has nothing against Jollibee or its employees. I was just reflecting on the things that occupy the heart and mind of man today in direct comparison with what should be prioritized according to the Bible.

The Lord and the Exam

I and my classmates had nothing to show to pass this year’s Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (LEPT). Almost all of them are practicing teachers and could barely find an extra time to review.

However, God once again showed us His overflowing mercy by having us a kind of tests that do not call for deep memorization. If we do understand very basic concepts and could apply them on daily testing life, then we would certainly pass the long-awaited exam.

There were many hindrances. My palms easily perspired during the second subject that my answer sheet were nearly spoiled. Not to mention the harder obstacles – the spiritual dryness that I had for the past two weeks.

Yet God is good. During the course of the day, we couldn’t help but realise that God helped us to be Professional Teachers.

My Family will Serve the Lord

​Joshua 24:15 (KJV)  but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

I say it with Joshua, my family will save the LORD.

After the miraculous healing of Tito Ronnie, who could now walk with minimal support, God has continuously work His way to my family. Last Saturday, I was with my parents ministering with some different people who are also my relatives.

I praise God for His wonderful love and salvation.

Saying Sorry

Saying sorry means you are acknowledging that you are wrong and you are ready to change your ways. Sometimes it means that if given the chance (like to turn back time), then you will undo your actions. Saying “sorry” means a lot to heal a broken relationship. Saying sorry is the first half — the second half is the forgiveness of the other party.

What if sorry is given but the mistake is repeated… again and again? Two reasons why that happens: 1.) The “sorry” is not sincere; 2.) The sorry is sincere but the person who said it suffers from a weakness that he could not overcome, which results in the mistake being repeated.

The question is: How much can you forgive?
Tougher questions: Does forgiveness has boundaries? Does forgiveness means having adjustments?

Seek God’s Face – An Open Letter

Prayer is basically a hungry soul reaching out to God in hot and earnest fervor.

My child,

Let me tell you a story.

It was the year 2004, I was sitting and occasionally facedown on my bed, asking God in prayer, “Lord, what is the heart of worship?” After some minutes of fervent asking, He replied and whispered strongly to my spirit, “It is knowing the greatness of God and your nothingness.” I was awed and literally speechless for around five minutes. The greatness of God and my nothingness; that God is everything and I am nothing.

It is really true that if you seek God with all your heart, you will find Him (Deu. 4:29), and that if you call upon Him He will reveal wonderful things beyond your thinking (Jer. 33:3). The best advice that I could give you is, Seek God’s face (Psa. 27:8). Pursue His Glory. Always pray with the heart of Moses, “Lord I beseech Thee, show me Thy Glory.” (Exo. 33:18)

Always pray that God will show Himself more. Never be contented with what you have now of God. Always desire for the more of His. I mean not His gifts, but God Himself, for God Himself is the greatest treasure, God Himself is our first inheritance. That’s why the Levites and the priests in Moses’s days didn’t have a portion of the land, for the Lord Himself is their inheritance – for God desires that they might be satisfied only in God, not in any other things (Num. 18:20; Eze. 44:28). That is very important, for the Levites and the priests were the first among His many servantsif you want to be a minister to God and to His people, you should have God at the center of your heart – God should be your first and only portion and inheritance. That is different from having many portions and having God at the first; no, you should have only God. It does not mean that you love not other blessings like the family or ministry, but, it means that when your heart seeks and treasures God, you treasure Him only. That is what it means to seek God with an undivided heart.  Loving God that way will also transform your love for others in a more Biblical and God-centered way, increasing your love for others. That is why the first commandment is loving God fully, and the second one, loving others founded on that love of God. (Matt. 22:37-39) In short, God becomes the center of your love for your family, God becomes the center of your love for the ministry, etc. Your life and love become God-centric.

From my observations and understanding of the Bible, I could say that much of the Church is not living up to the standards of God. Why? For two things. First, they are not experiencing God enough. Secondly, arising from the first one, is that they have substituted God’s ways with the ways of man and have become contented with that sorrowful condition. If they experienced God enough in their hearts, they would have forsaken the ways of the world and have not incorporated them in the activities, plans, and systems of the Church.

And why is it that most of the God’s people are not experiencing God enough? We don’t have that full-hearted love for God. We do not love God fully. We do not seek Him with an undivided heart. Again my advice, and the commandment from the mouth of God, “Seek Me with all your heart.” (Psa. 27:8)

If you seek God with all your heart, He will reveal wonderful things to you. He will begin to open up His heart to you in a much more personal level, in a much deeper way, and you will experience what He promised as a friendship-relationship with the Master. (John 15:15) Not all Christians have this kind of relationship with Jesus.

As He reveals wonderful things to you, you will get to know more of His heart, more of His standards, His likes and dislikes, and you will begin to receive directions from Him. Here comes the call to obedience – take the risk and obey, though many may not understand you, and most will not at first.

But you should obey. Obedience to God is like using a flashlight on a very dark night. The light is not used on long distances, rather, on just a few steps ahead of you. The light is His Word and His direction. The more you obey and walk, the further and longer the light will keep on guiding you. If you stop in walking and obeying, then the light will stop on going further. Remember what you did last Sunday in worship? It must not stop there. Surely God has revealed other things to do. Just keep on obeying. Do not stop. Take the risk for God!

Remember, God is also speaking the same things on some people around you. You are not alone, as it often seemed to be. God has reserved some. You must take courage, the more you obey, the more they will take courage too and the more they will also try to obey.

God is looking for His children who will be bold to take His things seriously. God is looking for the few whom He could use to restore true worship and service in the Church. He could use even the weakest in the Church – if only even the weakest is willing to obey at all costs, at all risks. Again, when you do His ministry, do not be persuaded by the rules and systems of the Church, but only by His Holiness, Love, and Majesty. The rules and systems themselves are not holy, only God is holy. If you seek and respond rightly to the holiness of God, then your actions in the ministry and in everyday life will far surpass the systems and standards of the Church.

Most of the systems and rules of the Church have adopted the ways of the world. Our services, worship, preaching, and other ministries are very much acting like marketing corporations. We target the ears, the psychological mind, and the manly-pleasures of the people. We do not really aim for the salvation of the lost and the strengthening of the Church. Our actions of glorifying God fall short of His standards. We must break free from this. We serve the Holy God, and not anything or anyone else.

God desires to restore true worship and service. Let us all heed God’s call.

May God in His mercy and grace help us all.

Bro. Francis S. Hernandez