Starting a New Blog on End Times Bible Prophecy

It’s been a while since I write again on this blog. However, this will be a different one because I will just share what the Lord has been teaching me these past months during the lockdown.

The past months have been God’s time of teaching me interesting things about the End Times. Actually, maybe this will surprise you, but not only will our generation would witness the coming Tribulation and Jesus Christ’s Second Coming, but also that the Tribulation begins in 2021. So, Jesus returns in 2028.

This maybe surprising and I know many would disagree, so let me share you a link to my new blog so you may read its contents:

End Times Bible Prophecy Blog

I just started posting on that new blog today, so it still has very few contents. In the coming weeks, it will reflect most of my studies.

Thank you and God bless us all!