OMNHS Campus Ministry Culminating Activity

Jesus: My Shepherd this Season of Love

Psalm 23

This was our theme in our recently held Culminating Activity in Oriental Mindoro National High School (OMNHS) last December 11, Wednesday, after four months of conducting Bible Studies in the senior and junior high school departments.

We were expecting assistance from other pastors and churches, but for some reasons they did not come. We love to work together, and we needed women as leaders for the female students. However, God had a different plan. He wanted us to depend on Him. We were only three pastors who facilitated the event, I, Ptr. Paolo Figueroa, and Ptr. Bernard Beron.The activity was attended by an almost one hundred and fifty (150) students. There were two whole classes of senior students, Grade 11 ABM Auditor and Grade 12 ABM Executives. There were also Grade 8 students from different classes, including Gladiola, Everlasting, Jasmine, and Matapat.

There were some action songs to introduce the activity after the prayer. The first speaker was Ptr Bernard, a former criminal who suffered four years in prison. He shared about the Gospel and led the students in a prayer of acceptance. Most of the students were attentive and receptive.

After that snacks were given freely to the students. Two action songs followed and a game. The second speaker was Ptr. Paolo, preaching about the Potter and the Clay from Jeremiah 18, highlighting that we could either receive God’s discipline if we continue in sin or avoid it if we choose to live right. Afterwards, there were group dynamics for the message. There were three (3) big groups handled by the three (3) pastors. The students were very open, and asked for prayers.

The third speaker was Ptr. Francis, preaching from Psalm 23 and Luke 4 about Jesus’ ministry of administering deliverance and blessedness of righteousness.Afterwards, there was a prayer of renunciation in which the students wrote their sins on paper and burned them those sins. There was an Altar Call for those a who would like to receive personal prayers. There was silence for no one was willing to come forward, but as one person, the President of Grade 8 Jasmine came forward, many followed. We were all amazed by their boldness and eagerness to be freed as they told us their personal struggles. Hallelujah! Praise be to God!

A few days later, we asked the students about their feedback on the activity and they were all positive ones. Some even desired for another activity like that! Until now as we think of the activity, we could not help but to be continuously amazed at how God moved and ministered to the students.

God is teaching us that indeed, serving Him is not a tiresome burden, but a joy to endure, because it is an adventure with God. Serving Him is walking with Him, and being with Him is an amazing adventure. If you desire to be intimate with Him and be His friend, be ready for a close encounter.

It was not us – it was God who personally touched their lives.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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