Today is my Birthday: Together Let us Help the poor Mangyan pupils at Paitan Naujan

January 27, 2014. Wow! I am already 30 years old!

Thirty years of God’s blessings. Life, family, relationships, friends, triumphs, struggles, problems, setbacks, pains, joy, new adventures – and everything else. One word could summarize them all: Blessings.

Last two months, a classmate and I had the privilege of visiting a poor community of mangyans (an indigenous tribe of Oriental Mindoro Philippines). There is a school there, Cornelio Lintawagin Memorial Elementary School. It has 299 pupils, from Kindergarten to Grade six, and 98% of them are mangyans.

My heart is telling me that I and many other people could be a blessing to them in many ways. They are our chosen people for us in our English class to minister to. Our school hosts extension services to provide societal help to poor communities.

We are in the process of raising funds and collecting goods: clothes, books, and toys to help those kids. We would teach them for two separate days, February 8 and 22. We would teach them basic English, good manners, proper hygiene, and good eating habits. And of course, we will share them the Gospel in its most simple form.

The funds needed are estimated to reach up to Php. 8, 000. Right now we only have less than Php. 3,000.

Now I would like to extend to you this opportunity of helping those poor kids by prayer and financial support. I am asking this not because it is my birthday – but because I would like YOU to partner with us in extending God’s love and blessings to these poor children. This two-day program could provide them years of blessedness – let us not withhold from them the good Grace of God.

If you could pray or/and provide some financial assistance for the success of this program, you can email me at:

God bless you, a blessing of God!

Mangyan children need our assistance so they could continue to grow in love, not only in wisdom.
Mangyan children need our assistance so they could continue to grow in love, not only in wisdom.

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