This Physical Body

This physical body often puts me down
Tired and exhausted for virtually everyday
How could I do things
That I naturally would want to
If this body pulls and puts me down

Read that, these, and read those
Eyes going teary
Mind shutting down
But I should go on
Yes go on as long as there’s
Something left to hold on

Continue little soldier,
There are still many enemies
Press on student,
Requirement still go your way
Go on preacher
Souls are hungering for truth
Don’t give up Christian,
Your race is not yet done

Where is Grace
I need it more now
Please strengthen me
I do not want to die
Lead me on
Empower me
Fill me up
To the brim
I pray, yes, I beg


7 thoughts on “This Physical Body

      1. I have often wondered how Jesus would spend all day teaching and performing miracles, stay up all night praying, and be able to face the new day as if he got plenty of rest. The only thing I could think of was that -like you – God would restore him physically and mentally during his time of prayer.

      2. Perhaps they were running ahead on their own instead of following God. Know what I mean?

        Even Peter, when he saw Jesus walking on the water said, Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you.”
        Peter didn’t just step out of the boat on faith. He asked the Lord to tell him what to do. 😉

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