Just another Day

Monday, January 20, 2014. Another day is just almost as good as done. Yet, is it really ‘good as done’?

Earlier this afternoon it just bumped on me again that time really goes by fast – and I mean super-fast. I do not mean that all those 1440 minutes in a day is really short – it just really is surprising that the moments you are treasuring right now are just mere fragments of thoughts and memories in the near future. I know you get exactly what I mean. Just right now every second is alive and fresh – but a little later there will be a feeling of longing for those moments, knowing that they are already part of history. Yes, history.

Reflecting on this, a good advice from some good old friends became fresh: I have to make every second count. I have to do everything as if they were the last things that I could do. I have to spend this day as if it is the last day. With this kind of thinking and attitude, much of future regrets could be avoided, and every memory would be a lot meaningful. Most of all, we could make the most out of this short life – maybe ninety years at most.

Furthermore, this attitude calls for accountability. Besides, all of life is meant for humble submission and love to the Creator. The kind of life that we would have in the next life is determined by our actions now – may it be that the next life would be filled of wonderful memories of this life.


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