How to Sing Well

I am not a good singer, but earlier this afternoon I heard my voice singing wonderfully. Not because I was able to sing well, but because I put my heart on it. The singing heart made the difference.

As I was singing in the church practicing for next week’s worship service, at first I could not control my voice. I was nervous and feeling uneasy. But our mentor guided us to be natural. I was trying very hard to raise my pitch, but he told me my job was not to change my pitch, but just to be natural – and fill it with emotions.

I took that by heart and tried to relieve the tension. I also determined to myself to worship God and not to practice. Within a few minutes, I was able to sing rightly. I began to use my voice and my spirit.

Next Sunday will be different – it will be the real thing – but may God give me the heart to worship Him with all my heart. With that, I know my voice would follow naturally.


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