I am a blogger

I love to write – but usually not on a paper!

I am a blogger
I cannot help myself but to write
To express my ideas
To dwell in my emotions
And to influence others

Writing is my passion
Especially if many would see
The writings that I regularly pen
That tell of great things about me

Well it is not about me really
But the work of His great grace
Dominating my life in pieces
Wanting to reconstruct me again

In my blog you would see
A lot of my weaknesses
Sins and failures alike
Do not be discouraged, let be me

A weak and destroyed being
Broken and shattered
Yet still being renewed
By His hands towards greatness

Not really my greatness though
But His in my life
It is His way of investing
For the Glory of His fame

My weakness, a way for His strength
My folly, for His wisdom
My stubbornness, for His discipline
The weak me – for His Glory

God works in paradox
In great contrasts
Why would He want to use me
That is because I am weak

Yes, visit my site often
And there see my recent posts
Reflect upon the truth
That in my weaknesses
The work of God is evident

I am not an ideal person
Very far from being perfect
My blog tells me so
Just read and see me through

I will not be hypocritical
Telling wonderful things
If there is any admirable beauty
It is because it is never me

Good things that you can find
There in my blog
Point only to His majesty
The Author of eternity

Sixty years, or maybe seventy
Are nothing but short spans of time
What is good is that
Meaning is always beyond that

In the next life
Maybe I will understand
That goodness is not shortsighted
But stretches through infinity

There maybe I will remember
What I have written here
Ugly things I call them
Nonetheless are wonderful
Fragments of truth
That speak of His Majesty
From my blog, from a blogger


4 thoughts on “I am a blogger

  1. Thanks for your honesty.

    I found the ‘related’ link at the bottom of your post interesting. It seems the author considers preachers as thinkers, not doers. I would say if this perspective is the norm, then sadly there are more thinkers of the word than there are doers (cf; James 1:22).

    1. Yeah. That is why preaching is so hard. I agree so much with Apostle Paul – who is sufficient for these things? And also with Dr. Lloyd Jones – “preaching… is the most glorious calling…” That is, if we take preaching seriously.

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