Why the world is not perfect

We should see the world in the lense of a microscope.

I open my eyes again
In hopes that today I will see
More beautiful things than yesterday

Yes! There are more green leaves
Yet as I look down on the ground
There are plenty dry leaves

I go near toward my dogs
And caress them with my palms
Only to feel their longing to be free

Going to the school
Greeting teachers and smiling at some
But seeing that few are hostile

Looking up at my notes
My eyes go teary
For I am always feeling sleepy

I call on to some leaders
So we can talk about reaching to others
But then again almost none come

I go home exhausted and weak
Feeling the burden of the day
May someone please save me

This is terrible and so awful
I see no sense in all of these
Only ugliness and emptiness

I try to look at the bigger perspective
And begin to see that ugliness in fact
Are useful things that are moulding me

So many values trying
To teach me
That without pain I cannot learn

The dry leaves
Want to tell me
That I should clean more often

My smelly dogs
Cry out to me
To give them more care

The snob people
Teach me even more
To be friendly

Teary eyes from reading
Instructs me now and then
To use my time wisely

The irresponsible leaders
Make my heart
Into a more patient one

The exhausting day
Directs me
To give myself rest

Alas! Everything is indeed good
Only if they will be seen
Through a microscope

Blending the ugly details
In close knit and ties
Making a grand picture
Of beauty and might


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