Without the Ministry I am Lost

Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...
Jesus’ reason to live was to obey His Heavenly Father by the means of selfless service.

There are many things that could keep any Christian away from the ministry for a certain point of time.

One of the most common is sin. Sin destroys the strength and the credibility of any servant of God. It also renders him/her powerless – he or she is stripped of the miraculous empowering of the Holy Spirit.

Another factor is the busyness of secular life. Though everything should be spiritual for the saint, but much of the activities that comes from the world takes away some precious time that should be set aside for God alone.

Yet to avoid the ministry is a suicide for the growing Christian. In fact a Christian could never grow without being involved in the ministry. The ministry does not need Christians who think they don’t need the ministry. Rather, these proud Christians could never survive without the ministry.

I am saying this out of Scriptural truth and experience. The ministry is not just important in the life of the believer. It is also essential.

God bless His hard-working servants in the vineyard.


8 thoughts on “Without the Ministry I am Lost

      1. Yes!! Definitely, please pray for the drama team my son and I direct…we outreach into our community…our members range in ages from 6 to 23…from several different churches..the Lord has just impressed upon me to continue to reveal the Holy Spirit in our devotion time…for power to witness more boldly! Amen!

        God bless you!

      2. Wow Superbly wonderful! Also for us, because we are planning to have an outreach for our the marginalized poor elementary pupils this January and February.Thanks. Pray for funds.

      3. Yes, I’ll pray! God owns the cattle on a thousand hills…He most certainly can supply more abundantly than you can even imagine!! So that we can be a blessing to those in need! Amen!

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