The Issue of Political Dynasty: Coherences exist to serve a common evil purpose

Jesse Robredo
The 6-part television series is inspired by the true life of the late Department of the Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo.

This is a reaction to the television series, “Bayan Ko”, a political show in the Philippines which means, “My Nation” in English.

Episode 1 of the TV series:

In the fictional town of Lagros, the idealistic new Mayor faces some very real problems. Mayor Joseph Santiago discovers a bunch of wayward employees have turned the municipal hall into a boarding house and, worse, have been making under the table deals at every turn. His efforts to fight corruption–both petty and large scale-are blocked by a political dynasty led by Governor Antonio Rubio and Congressman Anton Rubio.


The issue of political dynasty in the country is not uncommon. Episode 1 of Bayan Ko powerfully illustrates this truth as the aspiring new Mayor, Joseph Santiago faces a political bond led by Governor Antonio Rubo and Congressman Anton Rubo. In the Philippines, though the Constitution (research this) prohibits such kind of political alliance, families and blood ties find ways to uphold a type of dynasty in the government to pursue personal interests.

For one thing, to have this kind of coherence is really tempting for it grants people special power to find the attainment of their purposes, which are mainly self-centered ones. It is all about power and money.

Different people of the same kin, united in one mind and distributed among different positions in a local or even national government entitles each of them to greater protection in authority. United, they could easily find ways to support each one if ever an ordinary citizen or a fellow politician or government official tries to attack or uproot them.

This kind of alliance also brings them to the fact that it assures them of continued material prosperity. What the father has experienced, the son and the grandson will also taste. What a flourish! It is like building a business, and the only investment is the same blood that travels through the veins. By this, financial security is at hand and inevitable.

This coherence also allows individuals to promote more their evil schemes. We all know the saying that Two heads are better than one, and yes this also applies to political dynasties, however much only stronger for many of them consist of more than just two kinsmen. They could tap the resources more effectively, hide anything that can be offensive to the public, and keep what they want without any notice. United, they could do more.

With all these facts said, a political dynasty could really be a powerful kingdom in a government. Not necessarily automatically evil, but every blood ties that exists in a local government faces the great temptation to be just like one that is seen in the television series.


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