The Heart Always Does Matter

In everyday experience I have proven again and again that the condition of the heart always dictate the overall status of the individual for the day.

A downgraded heart would mean a lifeless individual; a cheerful heart would reflect an invigorated soul. An enthusiastic heart would mean great accomplishments for the day; and a burdened heart would mean futility.

The greatest investment therefore an individual could do is to keep his or her heart at the best condition always. Yes, keep the physical body healthy, as well as the mind, but the heart would always have its effects on these as well. Not to mention that the heart also is a reflection of the emotional and spiritual status of a person.

Keeping the heart optimal is never easy, as I have learned. It suffers often in atrophy, just like the muscles when not exercised or when overlooked for some time. Worse, it weakens at a much more rapid rate than the muscles.

My advice? Prayer, and serious Bible meditation and application would always be the best ways to keep the heart in the best condition possible.


Prayer Requests:

For my preaching this Sunday with Acts 17 as the Text. Accomplishments of projects. Guidance of the Lord for my talk with Madam Jane Salazar and Ptr. Sam right after this coming Sunday service. Thank you.


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