Running Ahead of Time

English: A Student of the University of Britis...
Studying is an art of racing against time.

If I would not run ahead of time, I would be running out of time. Life is that simple. Getting back to home, the first thought is to eat, to put something in. Then afterwards, to sleep.

Upon waking up, to study! Or to take my dinner. With the reading of some few notes (actually this couldn’t be done at once since I still have to do surf-research and then have them printed), my eyes would feel heavy and a bit frustrated. But I should do some advance work so I should continue and not stop!

The real challenge is when there are exams. After reading for a few minutes without any real concentration, I could not memorise – really. After trying to focus for some ten minutes, then I would be able to put some important things on my head.

And how I love writing! It completely consumes most of my time – and I like it. Like it far better than memorising and studying in fact.

Major exams prove to be a real challenge for me. This is when I could make up for the weaknesses of my quizzes, except for Math.

The conclusion? I could not yet post it in.


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