Studying is Very Tiring

Global City Innovative College students inside...
Smile! You are in college!

That is unless we find it to be joyful. Imagine the everyday tasks that students are facing, specifically the college students who are not the typical ones. I mean those who truly aspire to get high grades and academic standing for a variety of reasons.

Listening and reading alone with optimal comprehension inside the classroom are truly exhausting, much more if accompanied with writing, solving, and analysis. Taking down notes from a stuttering or mispronouncing instructor is a challenge not only for the mind but also for the heart as you might easily lose patience. Having to research with only a very few reference materials in the library calls for a competitive and greedy spirit if not faced rightly. The long hours spent in making reviewers, memorizing, and then forgetting those information – the cycle of quizzes – could be quite tiring, especially for those who do not have proper study habits and correct usage of time.  Not to mention financial and heart problems. The tears and the aches, as anyone may call it.

That is unless we find it to be joyful. Unless we do it with our hearts. If we find purpose and real meaning in everything that we do, then the burden is lifted up and we find renewed energy as we face each task, no matter how big they might be. If you are a visionary, you may know a fraction of what I am saying. But it is more than that. Religiosity aside, it cannot be denied the fact that everything will return in our attitude and thinking about our Creator. If we know our God, and have the right relationship with Him, then it is probable that we see and perceive things differently – that is, under God’s very own perspective. In that alone we find purpose. In that way alone true meaning emerges from our every action.

(Ps 16:11) Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.


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