Solving the Equations of my Life

Algebra Equation
Math equations make the wirings of my brain go nuts.

I fear mathematical equations: my mind maybe is not naturally wired for numbers. More numbers, especially with added letters and lines, make my life a lot more complex. The sad thing is that these days, these equations have turned out not to be found only in Math  exercises, I see equations wanting to be solved in every area of my life.

Facing math problems is really a taunting task. Now that I am in college again, I really find it hard to cope with the pressure of mathematical logic – numbers and lines seem to jump off the paper and flew past my head. Having studied math in a classroom more than a decade ago, then facing it again is an issue.

And so it is with my life. I see myself very slow in adapting to real-life problems. What could be the matter? Why is it that whenever I have not learned to mature in an area where God wanted me to overcome, that same equation would keep on facing me and I could not just escape it.

Our first quiz in Math just a week ago was a classic. After finishing the class in Speech, I hurriedly ran toward the second floor to take the Math exam. surprisingly, the class was already half a paper doing their solving. I was terribly shocked! So I answered as fast as I could, and with my fingers shaking  in the first five minutes. Blessedly, there was only one problem to which I quit trying to solve.

Like Math, I have to mature in my present problems so that I may endure the future ones. I have to do my best now or the best of the future might never come. More importantly, I knew in my heart that the God who helped me pass that dreaded Math exam is the same God who will help me be an overcomer in  the daily equations of my life.


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