The Case against the Gospel of Prosperity by Learnmore Zuze

Yes, I agree. The Prosperity Gospel has done a great job of ruining the faith of many Christians here in the Philippines.

THE WORD on The Word of Faith (a GroupBlog)

This article from Nehanda Radio (Zimbabwe News and Internet Radio Station) is kinda llengthy but a really really great read. Very Insightful and said with much passion. You can tell this guy has had much first hand experience with the Word of Faith Movements Prosperity Gospel.

Learnmore ZuzeSOURCE: The Case against the Gospel of Prosperity by Learnmore Zuze

A story is told of a dog that died. The owner loved his dog so dearly that he went to his pastor and said, “Pastor, my dog has died this morning. I have one request which, if you grant, I would be grateful forever. Please, could there be a service for the poor creature?”

The Pastor replied, “No, we can’t have service for animals in the church. The church is for human beings and not for pets. However, there is one of the new churches mushrooming down the road, try them…

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