7,000+ Pictures. 200+ Albums. Bye Facebook. Bye Nonsense Addiction

Facebook is a complete junk and waste of time. Thanks God, He let me realize it. Today, January 14, 2013 at 8:30 pm in His mercy He empowered me to quit the addiction.

Facebook was getting too much of my valuable time. Time that should be shared with the family. Spent on studying. Doing household chores.

And most of all, for seeking and worshipping God.

Bye Facebook! No adios to you!


2 thoughts on “7,000+ Pictures. 200+ Albums. Bye Facebook. Bye Nonsense Addiction

  1. Oh I was supposed to ask you if you have Facebook and now I have the answer. You have a point that Facebook is somewhat addicting as well as the other social networking sites. But if you put a limit in to it, I think it’s not bad at all. For me it helps me on communicating on others and it also gives awareness especially on important events that are happening or coming. Even 700 Club Asia, Bro. Eddie and other Christians are using it for a good purpose.

    1. Well, I have no problem with that statement of yours that Facebook and other Social Networking sites could be used for godly purposes. For a long time, I used it to contact my Christian friends to ask for their prayers.

      But, it still remains a fact that FB is full of hype – they have lots of ethical and theological issues that made me say ‘NO’ – and that N-O will be a forever no.

      1.) FB does not respect your privacy in any way (just like Google). Anything that you give to FB (infos, pictures, videos) become their property and you give them the right to use all of them to whatever purposes they have in mind. Yikes! (Pls read the Privacy Policy on FB)


      2.) FB started rubbish – and ending up more rubbish. It was not Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of FB) idea, but a stolen idea which he credited himself for FB. FB started out as FaceMash, then TheFacebook. Do a research about these stories.

      Read this about the stolen idea
      Read this about FaceMash and the history of FB

      3.) Mark of FB is linked with Illuminati.

      4.) Even if I use FB for good purposes, I am still guilty of promoting FB and supporting it subtly. Ouch!

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