Facedown Worship is Basically a Humble Response to the Glorious God

facedown web2The otherness of God tells us of His beauty. His otherness is the fact
that He ALONE is self-SUFFICIENT, self-RELIANT, self-JOYOUS, self-WORTHY, and self-GLORIOUS. These irrefutable characteristics of God make Him absolutely different from us.

Worship leader Matt Redman summarizes facedown worship as:

“When we face up to the Glory of God, we find ourselves facedown in worship.” – Matt Redman.

And here is what I have personally learned from my journey of digging in to what worship is really all about. Studying the contexts of facedown worship instances in the Bible (Gen. 17; Exo. 33 & 34; Lev. 9; Dan. 10; Mat 17; Acts 9; Rev. 5) reveal several truths: First, worship is primarily not just giving worth to God, but a ‘response’ to His greatness. And before we can truly worship, we must first ‘see’ God – or simply receive a revelation about Him, or His greatness. His glory is something which cannot be overlooked. His glory is something that is so powerful that once we encounter it, we simply cannot help but to have the awe, astonishment, and wonder at His greatness – the very simplicity of worshipping God in spirit and truth. Secondly, that God wants to be worshipped based on who He really is – the way He made His Written Word tell His Nature, Character, and Majesty. He wants to vindicate Himself.

What I am trying to say here is that if we truly face up to the Glory of God, then falling facedown in worship is not hypocrisy, nor superficial but a real genuine reflection of an overwhelmed heart.Throughout the Scriptures, the Glory of God plays an important role upon making ordinary man be broken in spirit, be totally ‘undone’ in his self (Isa. 6), fearful (Mat. 17; Rev. 1) and astonished in awe and joy (Lev. 9:24). If we truly realize and understand the beautiful ‘otherness’ of God, or His Glory, then falling facedown becomes understandable too. The ‘bigness’ of the measure of God’s Glory is the very factor that eats up the heart of the worshipper. The very measure of God’s Glory is the same measure of how powerful it can eat up a worshipper’s heart. If we only know how great and majestic and honorable and glorious our Living God is, then it’s not hard to understand why we fall facedown in worship – because our facedown posture reflects a heart that has been totally consumed. And an eaten-up heart is the heart that has been humbled down and instinctively taught to revere the Glorious God.

Few Afterwords:

I am not saying here that worshipping God rightly should always involve being facedown in posture. There are also other postures in worship mentioned in the Bible like standing, dancing, and clapping of hands. What I am pinpointing is that in the Scriptures, the best noticeable kind of worship that reflects awe, humility, and submission to God and His Glory is facedown worship. And an important word to add – in this life, true worship is always seen in a holy life (Romans 12).


2 thoughts on “Facedown Worship is Basically a Humble Response to the Glorious God

  1. This is so true… I am appalled by the number of Christians that feel comfortable talking to God as if He is not in the room. I have on many occasions felt so angry that so many Christians take God’s holiness for granted. They sit back, pray their prayers and sip coffee at the same time as if to say “we are equal or better than God… He does not care ” This is a trademark of the prosperity message and is an offense to Jesus Christ who shed his blood on our behalf. Take care my friend… Love John

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