Christmas in the Philippines

Jesus Christ - the Greatest Gift mankind have ever received from God.
Jesus Christ – the Greatest Gift mankind has ever received from God.

Christmas is the one single event in the Philippines that changes the spirit of everything. It has the natural capacity to uplift the heart of the Filipino people, and to somehow miraculously alleviate the worsening economic condition of families for the sake of celebration and giving. Christmas indeed is never ordinary, it continuously makes wonders in our nation.

Christmas is magical working on the yearly calendar. As we arrive on the month of October, our minds begin to imagine things better. Our stressed thinking starts to relax as we anticipate the event. True, it may cause additional tension for the financially inadequate, but overall the idea of the coming yule is mind-freeing. We are rest assured deep within that despite all the problems surrounding us, the coming season of jubilation brings joy and freedom.

It’s the time of the year wherein we value relationships more. The family and our close ties to our loved ones are given extra space for reflection and admiration in our hearts. We also remember friends whom we have not seen or heard for a long time, and we make ways of seeing and communicating with them. With our broken relationships, the spirit of the yuletide season makes us set aside bitterness and unforgiveness, and let grace and mercy abound, for reconciliation purposes.

The sacred event also has the power to free us from selfishness. Most become willingly able to share to others, especially to the needy the resources they have accumulated for months, even for years. These assets include money, clothes, toys, foods, and other gifts. We become joyous in heart as we see the impoverished enjoy the leftovers of our riches. It is really a miracle of the heart, and not a show of hypocrisy.

Over and over again we see the best in the Filipino people everytime we celebrate Christmas. It should therefore be our earnest desire and prayer that we live each day as if it is Christmas.



4 thoughts on “Christmas in the Philippines

  1. I so agree with your first line πŸ™‚ It indeed changes the spirit. My description for Christmas is a season of “forgive and forget”.
    I am just so happy that here in the Philippines, the very essence of this event is still being with the family, as we remember Jesus Christ and His closeness with earthly parents Joseph and Eve. Thanks for your wonderful blog here πŸ™‚

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