Meeting Together in Prayer–at School

Image000I said to myself, the ministry is my first priority in college, and not my studies. Studies as serious and demanding as it can be, could never take away the place of my service to God in my heart.

But of course that needs a little elaboration. The ministry surely involves everything, and it permeates all areas of life. In college, every area must be consumed by the ministry. So, with this in mind, college life and studies becomes important too.

I was really glad as Lester, the president of the non-Catholic organization, the MCC Brethren’s Organization, assigned me to lead the prayer meetings and its devotions. Wow! How I love to share the Word of God, and lead others to pray united – I have always believed the insurmountable force of united prayer. There is a strong dynamic in prayer gatherings that could never be found in individual prayers alone.

So this is my chance. That assignment is a sure opportunity for me to exercise the ‘ministry-first priority’ here in college. The ministry is the sole thing that gives life, meaning, and color to my college life.

Room 11, the place where the prayer gatherings should take place. At first I was hesitant – my third year classmates would see me there sharing the Word. But the first prayer meeting was moved on to Room 8, thanks for the urgent meeting of an another organization that took the place of Room 11.

I am amazed by the Lord by what happened next. My spirit of timidity was gone as we started the gathering, and I felt that my old courage in sharing the Word came back. We really saw how the Spirit moved and inspired seriousness in our hearts as we sought the Lord for His message and personal revelations in our life. The students too became just so open to share their lives. It was very encouraging! One was almost to drop a tear. As we stood up singing hymns of praises to God, I am amazed that any trace of cowardice and shyness on my heart was all gone. The first prayer meeting was attended by eight students.

It was a good start. But it did not end there. The second week was more challenging, if not for the Lord’s intervention, it could not have happened. It was done very late, late in the afternoon, with only four attendees. Nonetheless, the Lord is always full of surprises – the next day another prayer meeting was held at the bleacher due to popular demand, this time with seven students, and the two of them were another first-timers and Catholics. We could also easily see that the students are becoming more happy and content to get more involved. Truly, the gathering was becoming bolder.

The non-Catholic Organization has many plans, and the regular prayer meetings is just one of them. We are continuously hoping to see the God’s mighty intervention and favor for the organization, praying that He may use it for His Kingdom purposes on earth – and on a college campus called MinSCAT.


3 thoughts on “Meeting Together in Prayer–at School

      1. You’re welcome…good to hear from you! Be encouraged! Discouragement is one thing the enemy uses to keep the Believer from being effective and a light but “greater is He that is in you…”! Blessings to you my friend!

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