College Life Reboot

College life includes books. Just like its open pages, my life once again will be open to many.

I call reboot as a God-given favor to live up your ‘past’ life again, only this time with the blessedness of having the chance to live it out better.

I first entered college by the year 2001, taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management, then shifted to an engineering course due to parental pressures – but was cut short in a month, thanks to my crazy attitude of doing awful things just for the sake of getting attention. After a semester of an emotional ill-rest, I then pursued a computer technician course under a popular IT-College school, and after a semester shifted to computer science course, and I managed to finish that two-year course in 2004. Those years were full of blood – not literal blood, but the heart that flows out with pain due to a broken relationship with my God.

Year 2007, I pursued Pastoral Studies in a Bible College, hoping and believing that I am called to the full-time pastoral ministry. After five years of hardships, I finished the seminary studies – I was then looking vaguely for the ministerial life.

But my heart was not ready. I was caught up by the many bothers of life, by some of the little luxuries which are my weaknesses. So I abandoned the first ‘full-time’ ministry given to me after a few weeks – it was really puzzling – and I also believed that God was offering me a new direction in life.

Afterwards, the decision to study in secular college again. It was never an easy decision, in fact it was my most painful decision to date.

Long before the classes formally begin, I was determined to make this one, a ‘second chance’, a lot better than before. I was telling myself that I have to surpass the past spirituality that I showed during my former years in both secular and biblical college. I thought, this is the time for ‘redemption.’ I was really feeling nervous, and had some good feelings of reminiscing my past college life. It was like I am travelling to the past by a time machine – only the year and the day won’t change in the calendar.

The classes begin. I could easily see that God’s favor is upon me. I am not experiencing the same pain and rejection (by now) that I have experienced before. I could also see that God draws people to me, so I could minister to them. But in my heart an old foe arises – Mr. Pride.

With God’s help, I will still be able to do a lot better this time.



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