Ministerial Hopping

Staying in a church for service ‘for good?’

These past months, it has become a strange thought to me – I could not commit myself permanently in a church. I found it interesting and superbly enjoyable to lend my service in a church for some time – and then be gone to find another.

Until I met the Lord with a conviction that I have to focus and stay in a ministry. What church? To which denomination? Jesus Is Lord Church or the Alliance of Bible Christian Communities of the Philippines (ABCCOP)?

I have many reasons to stay in ABCCOP. I have many opportunities for service there, being a fresh graduate of its national Bible School, the Center for Servant Leadership, Philippines. I could easily have contact and connection with her churches in the province. And of course, I am already friends with many of its pastors, some of them being my former schoolmates in the Bible School some years before. And not to mention, a church was already  ready to have me as her full-time pastor. Not an associate, but the privileged full-time pastor.

But as I was enjoying giving my service to ABCCOP, I could not forget the fact that it was the JIL Church which sent me to study at the Bible School, and as I was studying for five years, she was praying for the fruition of my pastoral studies, and in the future be one of her pastors. It was not a short prayer, but years of earnest prayers by the leaders of the JIL church which sent me to pursue Biblical Studies.

Right now I am serving in JIL San Teodoro Chapter. I am really enjoying the ministry here, slowly connecting with people and trying to bring them up to God. Little by little, God is showing me how to disciple His children. Yes, indeed, this is true Christian Pilgrimage, accompanying others on the road towards meeting Christ.

I am still praying. Is God calling me to commit long-term here in San Teodoro? Only God knows the answer. And He will reveal it to me.


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