“It is Who You are and Not What You Do”

Or maybe ‘What you are and not what you do.’ What we do often reflects our inner selves, but this is not the case always. Maybe it is safe to say that what we do is often not a clear indication of what we really are on the inside.

Earlier this morning I was pulling grass at our backyard, hoping to find some ‘value’ by accomplishing even a small feat. Home cleaning and some ministry are the few things left for me now to find self-worth. This strategy has been effective for me for some years – keeping myself busy and accomplishing things either for myself or for others add some value to my existence. However, the case is not the same this morning.

As I was pulling the grass and seeing my container being filled up with the garbage, my heart goes down with it. It does not any more do any good for me. Truly, if the heart is empty and weak, no work done could really fix the brokenness inside. The only solution then is to fix the heart – the center of the issue.

Let the heart be revived first then all the actions preceding it will have true value. May the Merciful Lord have mercy on me. And may fellow strong Christians pray for me.

I will explain in upcoming posts in detail what I really mean, for those who have questions. Thanks.


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