Remembering the Sea

God brought me to a poor community of fishermen so I could minister to them for more than a year. The truth is, they were the ones who have ministered to me.

Living in a comfortable city life, leaving the comfort to live as a poor was truly heart-breaking at first, yet in the long run it made me find a true purpose in life. The poor people thought me contentment, simplicity, and happiness in its purest form. They have taught me also to treasure relationships in a deeper way.

More to that, they taught me the hard lesson of giving up. Yes, the giving up of important people and relationships in life for the sake of obedience to God, and they taught that lesson to me two times. The first one was when I left my home so I could be with them. The second one, which is more hurting, was when I left these poor people so I could return to my home and be with my family.

Yes, very ironic, and I truly cannot understand God’s ways. As I have glimpses of their memories, my heart still breaks.


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